This is a Halloween costume I put together last night just out of the things I had laying around! You could interpret this makeup a number of ways. I decided to go for a creepy cute interpretation.

Application: First I applied my regular makeup routine. Then I took Mehron White Clown Makeup that I purchased from Amazon a year ago and used a makeup sponge to lightly dab the product all over my face (a little goes a long way here!). Then I took a black eyeliner pencil by e.l.f. cosmetics and created the cracks — this where you can have fun and be creative! I chose to give myself a hinged jaw…kinda like a creepy puppet-like doll. Then I filled in my lips with white to give the appearance of small doll-like lips. For the eyes, use a bunch of mascara or even fake eyelashes if you have them to really complete the doll look! You can also have fun with your eyeliner like I did by drawing cute Harlequin markings on your face. Finish it off with plenty of pink blush on your cheeks and you are ready to go!

Here are some of my favorites that I used for inspiration:

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I hope you all enjoyed this quick and simple tutorial!

What are you being for Halloween?

love and light leah

first day of school style

The outfit you wear on the first day of school is probably the most important decision you’ll make all year…or at least that’s the way it felt to me back when I was still a student. However, putting together a winning ensemble can be challenging.

Since we don’t all have a high tech computer that can help us put together the perfect outfit I decided to compile a few examples of what I would wear if I were going back to school!

The first day of the school year is always a weird mix of Summer and Fall, so dressing in layers is a must! It’s the only way you can deal with the outside temperatures and the inside.

This star covered cardigan from Modcloth is perfection and not to mention adorable. This would be my pick because it’s stylish and it will also keep you warm if the A/C is blasting in the school, which it always is.

As for shoes, I would definitely wear a comfortable pair that make a statement.

I’m loving these white and black graphic quote slip-ons that read “I can always be myself around you.” I love these for a first day of school outfit because they come right out and say that you are who you are and no one is going to change or influence that. Being yourself is probably the most important advice I could give anyone.

Flats were also my favorite back when I was in school. Anything slip-on will save your life when you’re running out the door to get to the bus! I’m a huge fan of these unicorn flats from Modcloth and I’ve been dying to get them for the longest time! Also, how perfect are these pencil flats by Jeffrey Campbell? So cute!

As for tops and bottoms I’d have to say I’m loving graphic tees and moto leggings right now. Graphic tees are having such a moment! When I was in school I used graphic tees to express my inner thoughts without having to say a word to anyone (I was pretty introverted). So, if you’re like me then I’d definitely recommend some badass tees like these. Gypsy Warrior has been my favorite in the GT department lately. 😉

Moto leggings are the perfect compromise when it comes to wearing leggings to school, since you can get thick, structured ones these days. Leggings aren’t just thin stretchy fabric anymore! This month I bought this pair and this pair from Forever 21 and I’m happy to say both are very thick and well made.Plus, you can never go wrong with leggings as far as comfortability, which I’m all about while I’m at school. Color me pleased!

Are you starting school soon? Let me know which pick of mine was your favorite and what you’ll be wearing on your first day if you’re going back!

love and light leah

wearable black lipstick

It’s going to come as no surprise to anyone that I’ve been obsessed with black lips lately. However, it’s not the easiest look to pull-off and could definitely get you some looks if worn in the daytime. But I believe in rocking extremes no matter where you are and I’d love to see everyone wearing black lips this Fall ;), so today I thought I’d put together a Fall look inspired by “wearable black lipstick.” I think the key to wearing black lipstick in everyday scenarios is keeping the rest of your makeup simple.

wearable black lipstick

For this look I kept the makeup fairly minimal and skipped blush in favor for bronzer. I love the look of warm gold tones and browns with a black lip. It really pops when it’s all together. What do you think? Watch my tutorial on how I achieved this look below!

Black lipsticks that are on my wish list:

“Weirdo” by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

“Midnight” by Anastasia Beverly Hills

“Black Velvet” by Lime Crime

love and light leah


Based on my last post you all know how I much I love The Craft. It’s always been one of my favorite Fall films, obviously because of my love for witchcraft, the color black, and The Smiths. So, today I’m kicking off my new series with a look inspired by The Craft. This is a series I’ve been dying to do for the longest time, since most of my style is influenced by my favorite films. Whether fictional or not being able to capture a generation or create a fantasy world through fashion and makeup is incredible and something I’m deeply interested in.

So, today I am celebrating the kickass punk rock style of The Craft. Let me know which film you’d like to see me create an inspired look for next!

double moons

From head to toe:

Hair: Hot Hot Pink by Manic Panic

Earrings: Forever 21

Necklace: ShopDesertMoon

Tank Top: Forever 21

Kimono: Gypsy Warrior (Currently out of stock 🙁 )

Leggings: Forever 21

Heeled Boots: Forever 21 (Similar)

love and light leah

favorite fall movies

I don’t know about all of you, but as soon as August comes around that Fall feeling creeps into my bones. I begin reaching for my black hats, clothes, and lipstick. I start to crave lattes, Autumn leaves, sweaters, and most of all I NEED to watch my favorite Fall movies. So, grab something Pumpkin Spiced and a put on a cozy flannel and I’ll share my top 6 faves with you!

Hocus Pocus

Of course, my list has to start with Hocus Pocus. Ever since I was a teeny trick or treater I’ve been obsessed with this movie! Even watching it later on I found more and more to love! However, my love for Thackery still burns like the black flame candle. Hot damn he was good looking! And I gotta say, Max is pretty cute, too. Now, maybe you guys know why I love this movie so much! I guess I’m as boy crazy as Sarah haha…

The Craft

This is the best film about badass witch bitches. After watching it I swear you’ll be drawn to black lipstick, plaid skirts, and black eyeliner like magic. The best part is Fairuza Balk made a career out of playing witches from The Worst Witch to The Craft. When I found that out I thought it was brilliant! Now, who wants to play light as a feather stiff as a board?



Christina Ricci is at her best in this film. From comedy, to ghosts, to mystery, this film was magic to me when I was little. It still gives me feels. And how cute is human Casper?

Be still my beating heart!

Yes, you can.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

harry potter

Although this movie qualifies as a Christmas film for me, as well, I still have to give it Halloween props for being the most amazing and wondrous film about sorcery of all-time. And the Halloween feast and scene is one of the most memorable moments of the film.

It’ll have you screaming, “TROLLLLL IN THE DUNGEONNNNN!”

The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the greatest and most haunting love stories of all time. The voice acting, the music, the visuals…this is also one of my favorite films that qualifies as both a Christmas and Halloween movie. Maybe we should just combine the holidays together already…yes?


Winona Ryder is teenage goth artist perfection in this film. Her level of existential angst and her affinity for black hats and tired eyes are GOALS.

 The style of this film and the iconic moments and amazing cast make this film a timeless classic. And this scene is perfection:

What are your favorite Fall films?

love and light leah

10 lessons I wish I learned in high school

1. Not everyone has to go to college – Especially if you’re drawn to working in a creative field you may not even need to go to college. At the most getting certifications or simply going out and creating something amazing and making a name for yourself may be enough. So much of the creative field is luck and who you know. Sometimes going to college for art or film can get you in front of people who will propel your career, but unless you’re going to some of the top art or film schools in the country then your chances of meeting key players is slim. There’s nothing worse than being a starving artist who has to pay student loans. My advice is go out there and be a starving artist. Try your best and hopefully you’ll get lucky. If you don’t then you at least tried.

ghost world

2. You don’t have to go to college right away – Schools pressure students far too much for my liking into going to college out of high school. I was so scared that I’d take time off and then never want to go to school, so I basically forced myself to start college even though I wasn’t ready. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to never make a decision out of fear. If you want to take a year off and explore the world, while you’re young is the perfect time to do it. You might even grow up a little more before you make a commitment to attend university. I know that I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life until I already finished college. Sometimes people just need more time to figure out who they are and where their passions lie. Perhaps you may even find yourself at the first point on my list and find that college isn’t for you at all. Whatever it may be, never let yourself feel pressured into doing something, especially something as important as choosing your life’s career.

3. Your grades ARE more important than dates and parties – When I was in high school who I was dating was more important to me than school, sad to say. I spent more time and energy into talking to them and spending time with them than I did on my homework. If I could go back I wouldn’t even date in High School or college. If you’re someone like me who finds it difficult to focus then put all of your focus into your future and spend less time worrying about relationships. At best, keep your relationships casual, which leads me to my next point on the list.

4. You probably won’t end up with your high school sweetheart and that’s okay – As I mentioned above I dumped all of my energy into my relationships throughout high school and college thinking that they were forever. However, as you grow older and mature a bit more chances are you and your SO from high school or college will outgrow each other. It’s only natural. So, if you feel that happening, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world. It will feel like you’ll never find true love again, but believe me you will and you’ll probably have a better understanding of what love truly is, too.

5. Apply to as many colleges as you can – Laziness and money kept me from applying to more than one college and I’ve always kind of regretted it. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If you’re going to apply to colleges apply to as many as you want to. You might just get into Harvard, I mean, maybe, you never know…

6. Study for your SATs – I couldn’t be bothered to study for my SATs when they came around. I ended up getting a decent score, but I probably could’ve done a lot better had I studied or put effort into bettering myself in my weaker subjects like Math.

7. Take your SATs as many times as you need to for a higher score – I ended up taking the SATs twice and got a higher score the second time around, so if you think you can do better go for it! If you do then you can send the higher score to colleges and have a better chance. There’s always room for improvement and it might just make a difference.

8. Don’t force friendships beyond high school – I didn’t realize until after high school was over that most of the friends you had from kindergarten to 12th grade you were only friends with because you had to spend 8 hours a day with them 5 days per week. Your world really opens up beyond high school and you can start to really pick your friends more. In high school your friends are somewhat picked for you. When you leave, your friends could be from anywhere in the world. If, however, you do stay good friends with some people from high school you probably get together with them every time you’re in the same state or perhaps even more often. If you’re like me, you know who your friends are and you make time to see them, other than that I don’t really have much interest in anyone else I went to school with.

ghost world enid and rebecca

9. Comparing yourself to others is a waste of time – It took me way to long to learn how to feel confident in who I am. I spent all of high school and even later feeling inferior, judged, and not as good as other people. If you compare yourselves to others you’re always going to be judging yourself based on a warped perception of another person. Because of this I was always trying to find a way to fit in and always ending up feeling out of place. I know that being confident and finding your voice when you’re in high school is a difficult thing, but take it from me, trying to impress people and fit in is a waste of time. Find what you love and what makes you you and be confident about it. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time this way when I was younger. The power is in you. Trust and believe.

10. Lastly, know that you’re young enough to try something new and screw up – The best piece of advice I ever got from anyone was that before you’re 30 the world is your oyster. While you’re young go out there, try new things, screw up, because that’s the time to do it. The world is so much more forgiving when you’re in your 20s verses your 30s. Go out there and explore, throw spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks because you may just succeed! If you’re focused and always try hard then your 30s are going to be so much more fun than your 20s because you’ll be secure and successful. So go out there and try new things and always put your all into everything you do! I may sound like a motivational poster, but I swear to you it’s true and this is everything I wish I learned when I was in high school.

What do you wish you learned when you were high school?

love and light leah